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body, mind & life—

Float therapy has application for the bodies of athletes & office warriors alike.

Pause Float Studio meditation
Pause Float Studio Pod

Flotation therapy speeds the recovery of muscles and joints after training sessions, and helps restore postural alignment after a long workweek. Floating also reduces cravings, making a healthy weight management goal more easily attainable. And because floating improves circulation to each of the body’s systems, including the skin, you will radiate the post-float "glow.”

During a float the mind drifts into a profound state of relaxation that was once only available to lifelong meditators. No need to be intimidated, as even first-time floaters can enjoy neurological harmony. And floating doesn't just feel good—it reduces stress, headaches, improves sleep, releases endorphins and provides a lasting state of balance.

Regular floating results in increased energy, productivity, physical performance and well-being. Floating enables you to tap into heightened levels of focus and creative problem solving. And during your float, you can even explore a state of “super learning," where your fully relaxed and undistracted mind can make deep, new neural connections.

Woman after floating

what is flotation therapy—

Flotation therapy is the practice of entering an enclosed tub or sensory deprivation tank and becoming buoyant, while partially submerged in 10 inches of clean, body-temperature water, custom-blended with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salts.

Flotation therapy is relaxation through science. Eliminating your sensory overload allows your brain to drift into the half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, where meditation and creativity flourish. Levels of the stress hormone Cortisol drop, while the feel-good hormones rise.

With your mind at rest, your body can focus on healing itself. As you counteract the harsh effects of gravity, your muscles and connective tissues begin to rest and recover. Joints are supported and relax, and your lower back begins to decompress and align. You emerge relaxed and reenergized. You feel lighter, brighter, sharper – a body and spirit high that lasts for days.

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Everyone can Benefit from Pause. Yogis and meditators can find deeper states of serenity, techies can unplug and recharge athletes and weekend warriors can heal their worn out bodies artists and entertainers can find creative inspiration.


floating enhances

1 | detoxification
2 | deep relaxation
3 | creativity
4 | super learning
5 | right + left brain syncronicity
6 | visualization
7 | sports performance
8 | athletic recovery
9 | muscle + bone regeneration
10 | hair and skin health

floating reduces the risk of

1 | hypertension
2 | depression
3 | anxiety
4 | insomnia
5 | chronic pain
6 | pain from injury
7 | heart disease
8 | fatigue
9 | migraine headaches

Pause Float
Floating in water
Flotation therapy
Flotation thrapy
Sensory Deprivation Pods

the pods— 

Pause is committed to providing you with the best possible floating experience, period.

We have researched every float tank and float pod manufacturer in the world to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness*, performance, and quality are not only being met but exceeded. Our search has led us to Superior Float Tanks.

Our float pods and rooms are the same as the ones that can be found at the New England Patriots and Houston Texans training facilities, the US Navy SEALS performance center in Virginia Beach, multiple universities athletic departments as well as many high-profile private clients.

In Los Angeles, these pods/rooms can only be found at Pause. The culmination of over 60 years of research, Superior Float Tanks was brought to life by some of the most experienced engineers and designers in the world. A product that is proudly made in the USA, the Evolution Float Pod seamlessly combines elegance with flawless performance. The end result is a floatation experience that is truly remarkable.



This gets a bit scientific, but wewant you to know that our water is far cleaner then any swimmingpool you’ve ever taken a dip in.


This gets a bit scientific, but wewant you to know that our water is far cleaner then any swimmingpool you’ve ever taken a dip in.

The purification system on our float tanks/suite are the most advanced available. After each float, the water is recirculated at 48gpm, which achieves three complete turnovers of the water within the pod/suite. The filtration system is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and are FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). By comparison, standard pool and spa filter cartridges filter to 20-30 microns.


Ozone, or O3 is comprised of 3 oxygen atoms. It is unstable, thus releasing one of its atoms—which becomes a free radical (an atom with unpaired electrons, which seekssomething to bond with). Anything unwanted in the water which this extra oxygen atomcomes into contact with is quickly oxidized, and thus purified! It has been found that ozone is 50 times more powerful then chlorine, while also killing bacteria 3,000 timesfaster. Ozone eliminates bacteria, mold and yeast, as well as organic material andviruses. Ozone treatment requires no additional chemicals, leaves no odor, and reverts to pure oxygen once oxidation is completed, leaving no trace of it’s presence.


The sun has an amazing ability to elevate our moods, provide the essential vitabmin b 12, andwhen haranassed correcty, the power of its ultraviolet rays are no exception. Many of earth’s inhabitants, such as us, have an outer covering (skin) which allows us to tolerate a certain amount of the sun’s power; bacteria, viruses and molds, on the other hand, have a very low tolerance for ultraviolet rays. UV works to purify by damaging cellular DNA—when anything undesirable in the pod meets these purifying rays, they are killed. UV treatment protects against viruses, molds and bacterias.


Another mode of disinfection is inherent in our float pods/suite in that the concentration of the salt water solution is approximately 25% salt. Salt is an extemerly hostile environment for any living organism. It has been shown in scientific literature that pathogenic microorganism cannot survive in concentrations higher than 10% salt. The types of organisms responsible for water‐borne illnesses in humans cannot survive in the high‐salt concentration solutions present in our float pods/suite

Pause Float Studio Pod Room with Shower

unparalleled design

Beauty and performance inside and out. The pod has a completely seamless interior, eliminating the growth of mold or mildew inside. The inclusion of a custom pivoting lid enhances the floating experience by giving guests a more open feel unlike the float tanks of yesterday.Precision engineering intertwined with flawless design has produced a float pod that is truly a work of art.

Model with Pod

technologically advanced

The Superior Float Pod comes equipped with 2-way lobby controls, dual heating independent thermostats, tranquil inducing multi-colored LED lighting, and high quality sonar transducer speakers with class D amplification.

Pause Float Studio Pod & Shower

state-of-the-art cleaning

What happens when you combine three of the most highly effective filtration methods into one? A synergistic system that purifies unlike any other. Micron Filtration, Ultra Violet Rays, and Ozone Generators work harmoniously together. Every drop of water is filtered 9 times in between guests providing you with the most sanitary environment possible.

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float science—

During the early 1950s there was a big question in the world of neurophysiology as the source of our brain’s consciousness. Is the brain simply an organ reacting to external stimuli, or is there some internal force that it responds to as well? There were many theories as to how the brain would react to a completely sensory-free environment.


One man named John C. Lilly decided to find out. By 1954, Lilly had built the first ever floatation tank in the National Institute of Mental Health Lab in the Virgin Islands. Lilly’s tank used water to allow people to float comfortably and to effectively reduce all sensation of touch.

The results were incredible. Lilly found more and more people coming out feeling amazing, reporting of personal discovery and self-actualization. This encouraged Lilly to continue his exploration of the float tank, building one or two more tanks in different laboratories in the United States.

For the next 20 years, floating remained exclusively in the laboratory setting, until 1972 when Lilly partnered up with Glenn and Lee Perry. He asked them to design a commercially available float tank that people could have in their homes. The first float center was opened, a five-tank center in Beverly Hills in 1979.

This center was met with immediate success and was emulated across the US. Float centers started popping up in every major city, new manufacturers started to enter the market, and the industry as a whole began to make a name for itself. After 60 years of progress, the world of floating is becoming mainstream. Tranquil lighting, therapeutic music, two-way communication and lobby controls, aesthetically pleasing design, and a welcoming environment have led to a new beginning in the industry.


experience the transformative
results for yourself.

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studies on floating benefits—

pain relief

Float Summit 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Flotation provided significant temporary reductions in pain, muscle tension, stress, anxiety and sadness, as well as significant increases in relaxation, feelings of well-being, energy and ease of movement. There was also significant improvement in the quality of sleep.

Journal of Pain Research & Management, 2005

This study on 32 patients with chronic stress-related muscle pain and burnout depression (fatigue, memory problems, insomnia) found that floatation therapy is an effective and non-invasive method of treatment and should be an integral part of treatment.

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emotional & sleep disorders / preventative healthcare

Open Journal of Medical Psychology, 2013

A 24-year-old woman diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, atypical autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression had float therapy sessions regularly for one and a half years. Results suggest that floating may have beneficial therapeutic effects on mental health.

Journal of Psychology and Health, 2005

It has relaxing, mood and performance enhancing effects that seem to be more profound than those of other relaxation techniques. Especially in the field of burnout and chronic fatigue, floating can have practical use.

Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2014

This was a study of 65 healthy subjects, half of whom were given two float sessions a week over the course of two months. After a series of emotional and psychological tests, the researchers found that stress, depression, anxiety, and pain were significantly decreased. Optimism and sleep quality significantly increased for the flotation group.


athletic performance

Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 1990

This study on basketball playing students at the University of British Columbia found strong evidence of improvement in athletic skill after floatation therapy.


Journal of Music and Medicine, 2011

Looking to improve your musical performance skills?  In this study performed by the University of British Columbia, it was found that floatation therapy has a beneficial effect on technical ability in freely-conceived jazz improvisation.

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